Laura’s Story: Following a Dream (Eventually)

As told to: Courtney Aycock, Matt Landcaster, and Tyler Lawson Well, I was born in a little log cabin… Just kidding. Where to start? Okay, so, I’m a first-generation college student. I’m older than most college students, 45. I have two children. I’ve been married and divorced. I’m also a cancer survivor. There are some […]

Christopher’s Story: A Lot More Out There

As told to: Tristan Wright and Corey Pryor One of my favorite memories growing up was on Friday nights, wherever we were, England, Japan, China, we used to always have Indian takeaway. This was a big thing because it’s my favorite food. And my parents, my sister, and I would get together and watch movies. […]

Abby’s Story: Proud to Be a Spartan

Some things I’m sure about; some things I’m not. I think that’s pretty typical for a freshman, right? I’m from a small town where agriculture is a big part of life. Growing up, my parents owned a John Deere dealership so I’ve always been around the agriculture field. Also, in middle school, I started showing […]

Shelby’s Story: Following a Calling

As told to: Riley Schelhaas I think, for people that want to go into the military, it’s like you have a calling to do it. That’s kind of how I’ve always seen it. I’ve always wanted to go into the military and it’s been something that’s been in the back of my mind. My grandpa […]

Elizabeth’s Story: Optimistic and Excited

As told to: Charlie Marshall and Anonymous I’m a very independent person. I always have been. And that’s one of the reasons I love MSU. I get to see so many different things, meet so many different people, get access to so many different opportunities—and I don’t have to check with anyone else, or ask […]